BIO-RAN offers implementation of the Ydro Process® providing effective, environmentally friendly solutions for water treatment worldwide. With our technology, companies are able to reduce water treatment costs by over 50%*, completely eliminating excess sludge and odour.

BIO-RAN uses a unique technology to achieve targets which cannot be met the conventional way. New innovative methods allow us to work with municipal, industrial, and private companies and help them deal with industrial water, wastewater, sludge treatment and odours. We have the ability and solutions to produce results which benefit everyone in all cases. Our sector takes care not only for the safe return of treated wastewater into the cycle but also for making human rights to clean, safe, and reliable drinking water a reality.

BIO-RAN is a member of Hydrotech Environmental Ganatsios & Co E.E., with over 35 years experience in the water treatment industry.

The Ydro Process® creates optimum conditions for growth, reproduction and microbial processes which contain: hydrolyzing enzymes, facultative cultures, aerobic cultures, micronutrients, bio-enhancers.

With each project, the Ydro Process® and a specifically tailored microbial product combination is utilised, resulting in:

  • 100% degradation and elimination of excess sludge
  • Significant improvement in plant effluent parameters (BOD,COD,SS,TN,TP etc)
  • Liquefaction and elimination of FOG (fats, oils and grease) in treatment plants and pumping stations
  • Substantial odour elimination
  • Potential reduction in energy consumption at aeration stage
  • Potential increase in biogas production with simultaneous increase of methane content therein
  • Significant reduction of micropollutants
  • Higher resistance to incoming organic shocks