The core elements of BIO-RAN group of companies are:

  • Optimization of existing Wastewater treatment plant operations
  • Implementation of the Ydro Process® for elimination of the excess sludge production and overall optimization of all municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes
  • Implementation of the Ydro Process® significant reduction in  composting process timeframe and agricultural applications.
  • With Ydro Process®, wastewater treatment costs are reduced up to 30%, with substantial savings on sludge disposal costs. No additional investment is required nor adaptation of treatment facilities and there is no increase in water rates per capita.


The Ydro Process® has been successfully applied in:

  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Sewer grid systems, large hotel groups and septic tanks
  • Composting and fertilizer production sites
  • Breweries
  • Milk and dairy industries
  • Organic residue treatment plants and anaerobic digesters
  • Slaughterhouses and poultry industries
  • Fish and aquaculture industries
  • Textiles and tanneries
  • Textiles and tanneries
  • Fruit, juice and soft drinks industries
  • Olive processing industries
  • Steel and aluminum industries
  • Oil and gas industries and refineries
  • Landfills
  • Papermills and wood processing industries
  • Lakes, ponds and lagoons
  • Agricultural applications: Greenhouse and flower farming
  • Closed loop cooling water systems