On behalf of Fleming College, I am writing in support of TradeWorks Environmental’s application to the Climate Action Fund.

Fleming College is home to the Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT), which became an NSERC Technology Access Centre (TAC) in 2014. The CAWT is an internationally recognized water and wastewater research institute that is committed to excellence, quality service, and helping our partners turn their innovative ideas into market advantage for a cleaner world.

The CAWT has collaborated with TradeWorks Environmental on several projects investigating and studying their innovative technology. We are currently undertaking several projects with them and expect to continue to collaborate in the coming months and years.

Tradeworks Environmental has a proprietary technology called the Ydro Process ® which we have found to have remarkable abilities at optimizing the treatment of wastewater. Their technology has proven to be able to drastically reduce energy input requirements compared to energy intensive conventional wastewater treatment methods.

Tradeworks Environmental is one of the greenest technologies I have ever seen in the wastewater treatment sector. Tradeworks has offered to allow us to disseminate and share the results of their studies with students in our environmental programs so that they can understand how their technology can address climate change.

It is through collaborations with innovative industry partners like Tradeworks Environmental, that Canada will be able to meet its climate change targets.

In closing, I support this Climate Action Fund application and Fleming College’s CAWT is eager to assist Tradeworks in their applied research and demonstration needs.

Yours truly,

Brent Wootton, Ph.D.
Vice-President, Applied Research and Innovation


Undersigned, BRAVCOD SRL,
Based on the contract no. 18 / 17.01.2018 with TEMACO IMPEX SRL, for the implementation of the “Ydro Process” method of removing dehydrated sludge at the Waste Water Treatment Plant serving: 5 turkey farms, a slaughterhouse, and a meat processing plant.

As a result, we confirm the following:

  • The excess sludge sent to deshydration was eliminated by 100%.
  • The specific odors were eliminated.
  • Fats have been completely eliminated from the system.

As a result, the deshydration section of the sludge has been put in a state of conservation leading to a 100% reduction in expenses with:

  • Electricity in the deshydration phase;
  • Chemical substances used during the dehydration phase;
  • Maintenance of the equipment during the dehydration phase.

The operation process of the treatment plant was not modified, the implementation of the Ydro Process method did not require additional investments in machinery or materials.

Throughout the application of the method and up to this moment the treatment plant operated at the established parameters, the quality of the effluent has been kept within the limits provided in the regulations.

Considering the above, we can say that the Ydro Process method promoted by SC Temaco Impex SRL is a viable solution to solve the problems generated by sludge management, which is why we recommend it to other operators.

General Manager